Roman Reigns ‘Meeting’ With Stone Cold Revealed

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Roman Reigns. Two names that both hold a lot of power. Their names hold even more power when you put the two together in the same arena. This meeting of two great minds may have resulted in some huge things to come in the world of WWE. Roman Reigns WrestleMania 38 Challenger Revealed.



As part of WWE’s new documentary on The Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin, WWE have released a plethora of never before seen photos that host many shots with various wrestlers with Stone Cold. The photo we are talking about here features Stone Cold with Roman Reigns as they both seem to be in a deep discussion of sorts.

Until the documentary officially releases, sadly, we won’t know what the two were talking about. We can only speculate it was something to better the career of Reigns.

Bettering the career of his fellow wrestler is what Stone Cold seems to enjoy as he also advised Daniel Bryan to change up his in-ring style which helped Bryan to become the legend he is today.

Bryan said the following: “He just called me and he was interested in how my neck was because obviously he had neck issues, and he said, ‘You know, when you come back, you should try to work a different style.’ He said, ‘When I hurt my neck, I studied a bunch of Jerry Lawler and learned how to tell stories with just punches and kicks so it would take less toll on my body.’ He said, ‘You still work your a** off.’ And so that was really kind of him to call and say that to me.”

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