Roman Reigns on possibly joining Usos to form a ‘Samoan Shield’

WWE is currently on the tour of UK and during it; Roman Reigns has been talking about the future plans for Shield while giving interviews to local outlets.



However, during a recent interview with GiveMeSport, The Big Dog talked about a different but interesting alliance which we can see in future.

Reigns talked about the possibility of joining his real-life cousins the Usos to form a ‘Samoan Shield’ saying that the story for it is already there:

“You never know, the story is there, it’s easy. We all represent the same bloodline, we all represent the same family, so it would be pretty cool maybe one day if…if there was a Samoan Shield.”

Would you be interested in seeing an alliance of Roman Reigns and The Usos on WWE TV? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section

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