Roman Reigns ‘Removed’ From WWE Smackdown

Another edition of WWE SmackDown is in the books and the show this week was without it’s WWE Universal Champion – ‘The Head of the Table’ and current Universal Champion – Roman Reigns. Paul Heyman would give a glimmer on reasoning of why Reigns was removed from this week’s show by stating that his client ‘operates on his own time’. Twitter user PrinceWatercress documented the exchange that Heyman had with ‘Main Event’ Jimmy Uso during the show from Friday. Did Jimmy Uso ‘break character’ with Roman Reigns?



“Backstage, Jimmy Uso tells Paul Heyman that Edge is asking for it. Heyman says that Roman Reigns operates on his own time and does for those who do for him, and tells him to go out there and do what he needs to do.”

In other news regarding Roman Reigns – while a match between John Cena and Roman Reigns has been heavily speculated between members of the WWE Universe – however, during a recent interview on Cheap Heat, Roman discussed how he has respect for Cena and how The Doctor of Thuganomics ‘laid the foundation’. Credit to Fightful for the below.

Reigns said: “At No Mercy, I had already been in the position [of locker room leader]. John had been around periodically and jumping in for stretches, but I was still the main event. If he jumped into a live event to help out, he would go on before intermission and I’d close us out. At the same time, I was much younger. That’s where this process that we’re in now and these new layers that I’m showcasing took every day, every week on the road, all these Manias to put myself in this position to where I can tap in and maximize my potential. At the same time, this is the beautiful thing about our business, it the respect we have for our history and the respect for the superstars that pulled that wagon. It would be a bald-faced lie if someone said John Cena didn’t tow the train for a long time. I will always have respect for that. Vince [McMahon] will always have great respect for that.”

Roman Reigns ‘angered’ this WWE female WWE star backstage. Reigns continued: “Guys like Undertaker, that’s why we have these legendary contracts to keep these guys. They paid their dues and guided our business and laid the foundation for us to continue this journey and continue this success. When they come back, it’s only to bring more eyes and make it a bigger event. When you have someone like myself — and John was in this position with Dwayne and hopefully one day, I’ll be in the same position coming back and there will be a new top dog. That’s what drives business. When our guys go out and find success and bring that limelight and shine back to their first love,”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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