Roman Reigns ‘Replaced’ At WWE Hell in a Cell?

WWE star Rey Mysterio was set to challenge WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns inside Hell in a Cell structure at the namesake. As it turns out, the match remains unchanged but it has been shockingly moved to tonight’s edition of WWE SmackDown.



Rey Mysterio vs Roman Reigns is set for WWE SmackDown

Fightful Select had asked why the change took place and they were able to get some notes about the constantly changing creative process.

Even till Friday morning, one of the WWE staff had confirmed to them that the match between Reigns and Mysterio was meant to “be straight up, no frills, no goofy finish, and was not scheduled to be “run back” at Hell in a Cell.” Vince McMahon ‘Pulled’ Smackdown Title Change

It was noted that instead of that match, the idea of Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn in Hell in a Cell was pitched. It was likely to place at the show, but that was also changed by early Friday afternoon.

It is not known what WWE is planning with the matches. However, the website reported that the red Hell in a Cell structure is hanging up at the Thunderdome as of 3 PM EST.

We will have to see what will be the final outcome of the changes that are taking place.

Barry Russell
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