Roman Reigns ‘Replacing’ The Shield Member Leaks

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns had been a part of the dominant faction in WWE that is The Shield. The former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston recently discussed the original plans for current WWE Champion Big E.



Big E was originally planned for The Shield instead of Roman Reigns

There is no doubt that The Shield is one of the most dominant and successful factions in WWE history. All the members, Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins went on to become world champions in WWE. One other team, The New Day also achieved many titles and now Big E is the WWE Champion. William Regal ’Shocked’ By WWE Firing News

Speaking with Rick Ucchino of Sportskeeda Wrestling, Kofi Kingston discussed the plans for Big E to originally be a part of The Shield.

“Big E will tell the story a lot better, but long-story-short, he was actually supposed to be in the Shield a long time ago, way way back when they were trying to pick people from FCW to come up. So Roman gets the call, Roman goes off, builds himself and does all these incredible things and incredible run with The Shield. Roman is Roman and also Big E has done some incredible things and [shown] some incredible growth . . . Now, everyone loves Big E, so there’s a big journey there too,” said Kofi Kingston.

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