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Roman Reigns responds to crowd booing him last night

Last night’s (Mon. April 3, 2017) Monday Night RAW opened up with a long chant for The Undertaker, followed by Roman Reigns coming out to the ring to cut a promo, and he was massively booed. The crowd chanted things such as “You Suck”, “Delete”, “A–hole”, “Roman Sucks” and “F–k You Roman.”

This lasted for a good while before Reigns simply said “this is my yard now” and left the ring. Reigns took to Twitter this morning to respond to the crowd’s reception to him last night:

You can check out the segment here:

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Roman Reigns this is the best time to turn the guy heel because it would be money for the WWE. They already hate the guy mightiest will give him a monster heel push.

  • JAckh45

    I honestly disagree, Ive been watching weekly for close to 20 years that I can remember, probably longer but I’m only 30 so I doubt I could remember anything at 10 years old. Never have I seen someone more hated than Roman.
    Xpac comes to mind… but even then at times people cheered him and he was more of an annoyance than actual hatred…
    The Dudleys in ECW… sure there was hatred but during match the crowd respected big spots they would do…
    Vickie Guerrero was booed out of arenas as well, but that was a “love to hate” and never had malicious intent behind it.
    Hell even Stg. Slaughter turning his back on USA was no where near this level of hatred…. Also these ones listed were heels and it was manufactured heat… With Reigns its different.

  • D2K

    It’s easy to be a prisoner of the moment, but there have been plenty of guys that were hated far worse than Roman Reigns. A lot of what you hear in terms of boos is conditioned-response.

    Also, a lot of the backlash really isn’t directed at him so much as it is at the McMahons. He represents the authority in reality and the fact that WWE won’t allow him to be represented by the ‘Authority’ in kayfabe is what grinds everyone’s gears.

    Just form a new Authority stable with Owens, Joe, Triple H, and let Reigns be the crowning jewel. There. All done. So simple WWE.

  • MindTricked

    I wasn’t surprised by the booing, but the personal hate was off-putting. It’s not that serious. He’s done NOTHING to instigate that kind of reaction, which went beyond not liking his character or Creative’s decisions with regard to him.

  • JAckh45

    I’m surprised you think it was going to go any other way…
    He is HATED, not love to hate say like the Miz or hell even Cole, Reigns is the most hated wrestler there has ever been… And this was simply just another insult to fans of the product.

  • pitfallharry219

    Man, he’s got the grammar skills of Mike Diaz.

  • M

    To hell with these brainless bandwagon haters. If they really hated him so much how come half of the crowd were smiles and smirks? Just BS bandwagon trend. All of that hate should have been unleashed on Vince. The thing to really chant is “Turn Reigns Heel!” Can only push that off of so many consecutive shows before they’d have to give in. But they’re brainless so…

  • MindTricked

    Those chants made me think it was personal, like Roman stole their dogs and pissed on their grandmothers.

  • jack

    guys, this is not you’re new john cena, this is your new undertaker. get ready for 20 years of roman reigns.