Roman Reigns on the responsibility of retiring the Undertaker

While it’s debatable whether or not Roman Reigns deserved to face the Undertaker in what presumably was his final wrestling match at WrestleMania 33, you have to remember that it wasn’t Reigns who chose to be in that position.



During his latest interview with Inside The Ropes, Roman talked about his match with Taker and said that he felt the responsibility after beating Taker:

“Being in the ring with the Undertaker, I was able to feel that respect for the business from him. I was able to feel that responsibility and also to see that weight lifted off of him. That was one thing that was really neat, but it was semi-concerning. The times that I’ve wrestled these legends, these guys who have plugged in all this time, you could see a sense of relief on their faces after the match. They could finally take a breath for once. And for me, I know that’s quite the responsibility.”

It’s worth mentioning here that earlier there were rumors about the Undertaker returning for one more match against John Cena at the upcoming Survivor Series PPV.

Though Since Cena has since been removed from the advertisement of the PPV, it looks very unlikely that the Dead Man would make his return at the upcoming show.

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