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Roman Reigns reveals scary details on his leukemia diagnosis

Roman Reigns revealed his battle with leukemia to the public in October last year but at the time; the former Universal Champion hadn’t revealed a lot of details on his condition.

However, during a recent interview with The Defeated, the former Champion revealed some very chilling details about the time he was diagnosed with the disease.

Leukemia begins in a cell in bone marrow and with time, the number of infected cells can suppress the production of white blood cells in the body.

A healthy adult has a white blood cell count between 4,000 to 11,000, however, Reigns was reported to have a blood cell count of over 100,000 which originally raised the red flag for him.

After this initial realization, Reigns who had already battled leukemia before went through further examination and he decided to take time off from wrestling when the doctors discovered his enlarged spleen

“That was the immediate physical scare of having to get me out of the ring, with a ruptured spleen, it’s obviously going to be a major operation, but people can die from it. It was a situation we didn’t want to put ourselves in, no matter how hardheaded I can be.”

Thankfully, the disease was spotted before it could do any serious damage and as we know now, Roman Reigns is in remission after spending almost 5 months in rehab and he is back in WWE as well.

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    For what it’s worth, when you have leukaemia, your spleen can, and often does, enlarge. Roman is saying that it could’ve ruptured because of that if he forced another match, not that it did rupture.

    I assume he considered at least dropping the title in a match before finding out his spleen was compromised, and had to vacate instead.

  • Will Henderson

    so on top of having Leukemia, he ruptured his spleen too (presumed to be a wrestling related injury). ouch.

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