Roman Reigns Sad Bank Payment Revealed

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns is certainly one of the top competitors in the company right now and has been on a solid run as the WWE Universal Champion, but he is losing his top spot to two WWE Smackdown women. Roman Reigns successfully defended his WWE Universal Championship against WWE Hall Of Famer Edge and Daniel Bryan in a triple threat match in the main event of Night Two of WrestleMania 37. Roman Reigns might also be losing Paul Heyman eventually. 



Roman Reigns also successfully retained his WWE Universal Championship against Cesaro in the main event of WrestleMania Backlash. Roman Reigns was scheduled to defend his WWE Universal Championship against Rey Mysterio at the WWE Hell In A Cell pay-per-view. However, that match was shifted to a previous episode of Friday Night Smackdown.

Roman Reigns would successfully defend his WWE Universal Championship against Rey Mysterio as well and went on to defeat Edge and John Cena in subsequent title matches at WWE Money In The Bank and WWE SummerSlam respectively. He then retained his title against Finn Balor at WWE Extreme Rules as well.

Roman Reigns was unable to compete at WWE Day 1 after testing positive for the virus. He would then defend it against Seth Rollins and is now set to defend his title against Brock Lesnar in a title vs title winner take all match.

Roman Reigns recently spoke with ESPN, where he said that in FCW, he was a billion-dollar check.

When it comes down to it, this is a billion-dollar industry, when I was making $500 a week down in FCW, I cut a promo for Dusty Rhodes. I don’t remember all of it, but I pretty much said, ‘I’m a walking one billion dollar check.’ Everybody looked at me like, ‘what the heck, this guy is crazy. What is he talking about?’ Dream [Dusty] knew exactly (what I was saying). Everybody else, at the time, they were my peers, they had no clue what was happening. Now they’re beneath me. Dream at the time, a Hall of Famer, a bonafide draw, someone who drove the business forward, he understood what I was talking about. Ten, eleven years later, look what’s happening. When it comes to being a Hall of Famer, being a legend in this game, my work speaks for itself

h/t to Fightful for the transcription

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