Roman Reigns Taking On Top AEW Star In 2024?

AEW star MJF possesses excellent mic skills and also has great in-ring prowess. He is certainly one of the best heels in the pro wrestling world right now and his character helps draw immense heat from the crowd. He has had his huge moments in the promotion since the debut of AEW Dynamite back in 2019. It seems he made yet another bold claim recently.



MJF could be heading to WWE

The Salt of the Earth has never been seen breaking character off the camera. This has led to several fans and pro wrestlers applauding him for his dedication to the business. While speaking with Throwing Down w/ Renee and Miesha, MJF talked about possibly making his way to WWE. MJF named WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre as some of the stars he could square off against in WWE if AEW President Tony Khan doesn’t pay him enough money.

“It’s funny. A lot of people bring up matchups like me and The Miz, like me and Drew McIntyre, like me and Roman Reigns. Can that potentially happen if Tony Khan doesn’t shell out the right type of cash? Maybe, and that’s why, by the year 2024, as I’ve stated before, it’s going to be the greatest bidding war in the history of our sport.”

MJF also stated that Tony Khan thanks him for being one of the biggest draws in professional wrestling. It remains to be seen whether MJF will ever make his way to WWE in the future or not. He had previously said that he might be working for WWE in 2024.

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