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Roman Reigns talks about his crowd reactions

Roman Reigns is without a doubt one of the most polarizing athletes in all of professional wrestling. The former WWE Champion garners a massive reaction, a mix of love and hate, from audiences around the world, yet is consistently praised by people involved in the business.

The reaction that Reigns’ gets is actually coveted by a lot of talent, and even Kevin Owens has said in the past that he wishes he could get the kind of pop Reigns does. The Big Dog was a guest on Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg recently and discussed his crowd reaction.

The negative opinion on Reigns is known all too well at this point. Shoved down our throats, pushed too fast, not good enough to be the face of the company.

Yet he consistently puts on great matches with his opponents. It’s definitely confusing for a lot of people, including myself, and it seems to have stumped Roman Reigns himself. While talking with Rosenberg, he said he tries not to give too much thought on why so many people dislike him.

I think there are a lot of different things you can chalk it up to, I’m sure. In life, everyone wants to see you do good, but not too good, you know what I mean? Once you pass that threshold of doing really well for major success, then I think the questions, possible jealousy come out and that is when negativity starts showing its face. But ifyou are strong in your convictinos and know who you are, you have to be bulletproof to that.

I think it is still a very strong reaction. I have always been that way, though. There is not much gray area with me. You’re either with me, or you don’t like me.

Credit to WrestlingInc for the transcription.

  • Christian Deehan

    Yeah exactly. They didn’t learn from Cena did they? Haha. Vince hears a loud reaction… whether it’s boos or yays and thinks he’s over!

  • Yespage

    That reminds me of Ernest the Cat Miller at a Smackdown show I was at. The crowd was dead silent. They didn’t hate him, but found him entirely unentertaining.

    Reigns is nothing like Miller. The fans just think they are smart for booing him.

  • Yespage

    The Superman Punch never had a spectacle to it. It really is a dumb ‘big move’.

  • CC

    By his logic fans should boo everyone who is successful, because they must be jealous of them too.

  • Christian Deehan

    i have always thought if u hate someone, dont even boo. A silent response damages wrestlers not if they get booed like mad. It shows hes getting a reaction either way and doing his job well

  • Christian Deehan

    yeah totally agree. Hes a decent wrestler but needs a few more moves but same could be said of Braun Strowman

  • pitfallharry219

    I don’t mind him. I’m just sick to death of the Superman punch. Using it 3-4 times a match really takes away from the spectacle of it.

  • Greg Bush

    As far as fans being jealous, I can see his point, but we all know that’s not what it is. Are wrestling fans fickle? Sure, of course. A lot of people, in general, turn on celebrities, athletes or musicians once they get to the top. But that had nothing to do with Roman’s situation.

    At this point, however, I don’t get why he’s still getting booed. I got it at first. People didn’t want him pushed to the number 1 spot, they did it anyway. But a lot of fans say he’s this terrible worker or he can’t wrestle and that’s something I don’t get.

  • Jimmy

    So, he’s so oblivious that he thinks everyone booing him is just jealous of him? And there folks is actually why people boo him…. he’s an idiot and doesn’t connect with the fans at all.