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Roman Reigns Thinks Daniel Bryan Is The Best And If You Disagree With That Then You’re An Idiot

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey recently interviewed WWE Superstar Roman Reigns to promote WWE SummerSlam. Down below are the highlights and the video:

Reigns on Daniel Bryan:

“Bryan is the best,” said Reigns. “If anybody says any different, they’re an idiot. You can learn anything from him. I got to work a lot with him with the Shield–that was like the band with those six man matches [against Bryan, Kane, and Ryback], we were doing those every night. So I had plenty of chemistry and experience with Bryan.

“He is such a journeyman with so much experience, and that’s a key ingredient to what we do–just logging in those man-hours. Bryan is a journeyman, and he’s one of the few that we have, with Seth and Dean also in that category. He’s just so smart. He has a great take on everything, and he doesn’t just think about his product. He thinks of the grand scheme of things in the WWE world, and he’s a privilege to be around, not only in the ring but also as a person. The last European tour was a great tour, sitting on the back of the bus with Bryan in a conversation for an hour-and-a-half covering everything under the sun–we talked about from evolution to lotions to how to treat swelling. He has so much knowledge on life. I feel very blessed to made a friend with Daniel Bryan.”

Reigns on the reaction from the fans about him winning the Royal Rumble:

“It was a lot worse than I expected,” admitted Reigns. “With the internet and social media, I had a pretty good hunch it was going to go the way it did, but just not as much as it did. It seemed like a movement where Philly plotted against me for like a month, and it definitely left an impression. But I think I can say thank you–I’ve gotten better because of it.”

Reigns on the WWE Universe:

“Our fanbase is so hardcore and smart, and knows the history,” said the 30-year-old Reigns. “It’s almost like the underground in rap music. There is always the underground rapper people enjoy, and you want to see him come up. That’s kind of how it is in wrestling. There’s a lot of guys on the indies with the tight following from those hardcore fans, and this is that time for me to build to that respect and let people know I’m here to win, I’m here to kill it every single night.”

  • Truth B Told

    And yet, I can still think of several truly spectacular matches put on by all three. I’ve yet to see even a single match put on by Daniel Bryan that I can say the same about.

  • pewp

    angle – entertaining, “legit” style, great heel. too much comedy.
    bret – boring, bad promos, terrible sequences. Good character, egoist.
    benoit – baby murderer.

    Bryan – entertaining, great character and style, can go “legit” or “character”, amazing face or heel.

    Angle – fans sing “You Suck” to his entrance music.
    Goes from Olympics to Raw to Smackdown to WWE-ECW to The Indies.

    Bret – One of the worst 3 lowest rating champions in wrestling history.
    Right up there with Kevin Nash.

    Benoit – Never made it because he wasn’t entertaining. Only won title to promote Eddie’s win.
    Murdered his own sweet, precious baby.

  • Truth B Told

    Well, put my picture next to the definition of “idiot” because I will most certainly look for a Kurt Angle, Bret Hart or dare I say it, Chris Benoit before I look for a Daniel Bryan.