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Roman Reigns urges Dean Ambrose not to leave WWE

With Seth Rollins speaking out days ago about his sadness over Dean Ambrose’ decision to leave WWE, his other Shield brother Roman Reigns has also had his say and really wants his friend to stay with the company:

“I want him to stay. Dean, if you’re listening, stay. Do not go. I’ll buy you a bottle of Jack and beer every single night. Yeah, I mean, we just want him to be happy. I think at the end of the day, the selfishness in us wants him in our locker room, but you know, as a friend and as a brother, I just want Jon to be happy. I want him – if he asks to recharge his batteries, but ultimately, I want my friend to be where he wants to do be and to have the proper placement for his life. And whatever’s going to achieve his happiness, I support him fully.

But I’m not gonna lie, we are – we’re selfish beings. That’s just how we are, and I want my friends with me. And not only that, but Ambrose is a workhorse, man. And I don’t throw that term around lightly. There’s not many of us in this world as far as the workload that we can take and what we can handle and manage, and Ambrose is one of those guys. One of those guys I can depend on 52 weeks out of the year.

So, regardless if he’s coming or going, somebody is going to be able to work with a brilliant Superstar, someone who truly believes in what he’s doing, has a great passion to get better, and an amazing work ethic. So regardless, he’s going to land on his feet. Just hopefully, it’s going to be right next to me in my locker room.”