Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul Cancelation Rumor Leaks

WWE is planning to host WWE Crown Jewel from Mrsool Park in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on the 5th of November this year headlined by Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul. WWE has planned many matches for the show and a match was recently announced for the program. It’s not the event that is in a problem, but Saudi Arabia has some issues going into the show.



According to an article from Wall Street Journal, U.S. Intelligence has warned Saudi Arabia of an ‘imminent attack’ from Iran. It’s considered that the attack will happen from a different country or location, and America is ready with its security should things go off hand.

The reason why this is crucial is that WWE superstars are travelling to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for an event. The attacks are targeted at the Kingdom, and should it cause any harm to its citizens, the United States of America will leave no holds barred in their attack and the safety of its citizens.

WWE is monitoring the situation as the safety of its performers and crew is of extreme importance. While we cannot comment on world matters, it’s clear that Iran would not want to bother U.S. citizens in Saudi Arabia as an attack on them will be an attack on The United States of America. It would be a Brock Lesnar vs James Ellsworth match, and that would not be a good idea.

While there are hopes that the event will go without any hassles, WWE is keeping a close watch on the turn of events. The military and other security divisions of neighbouring countries have also levelled up their security due to the possible attack and the imminent threat.

What do you think of this situation? Will the show be canceled? Sound off in the comments.

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