Roman Reigns Walks Out After Problem At WWE Show

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns is certainly one of the top competitors in the company right now and has been on a solid run as the WWE Universal Champion, but he is losing his top spot to two WWE Smackdown women. Roman Reigns successfully defended his WWE Universal Championship against WWE Hall Of Famer Edge and Daniel Bryan in a triple threat match in the main event of Night Two of WrestleMania 37. Roman Reigns might also be losing Paul Heyman eventually. 



Roman Reigns also successfully retained his WWE Universal Championship against Cesaro in the main event of WrestleMania Backlash. Roman Reigns was scheduled to defend his WWE Universal Championship against Rey Mysterio at the WWE Hell In A Cell pay-per-view. However, that match was shifted to a previous episode of Friday Night Smackdown.

Roman Reigns would successfully defend his WWE Universal Championship against Rey Mysterio as well and went on to defeat Edge and John Cena in subsequent title matches at WWE Money In The Bank and WWE SummerSlam respectively. He then retained his title against Finn Balor at WWE Extreme Rules as well. He defeated Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 38 and became the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion as well. He beat Brock at SummerSlam as well and then defeated Logan Paul at WWE Crown Jewel.

Sean Sapp reported behind Fightful’s paywall that Roman Reigns was heated after The Bloodline’s match at Survivor Series WarGames.

Roman Reigns was visibly upset after the Survivor Series main event, specifically about a spot within the match. It was rumored among those that we spoke with that Reigns took exception to what he perceived as an unplanned spot between he and Kevin Owens. As he walked backstage, he mentioned possibly having a ruptured ear drum, and wanted the spot to go as originally planned. The exclamation was said to have been “expletive filled” and it was clear to everyone that Reigns wasn’t happy.

It was also reported that “those that we spoke with didn’t believe there would be any extended heat in regards to the situation, and that it seemed like more of a ‘heat of the moment’ reaction, but that’s only their perception of things. We haven’t heard of a physical altercation or an argument, and talent that we heard back from said that they expected the two to be able to coexist for work purposes.” Another source reported “put over both Reigns and Owens as passionate about what they do and figured if there were issues, they’d end up talking about it directly.” Reigns did not appear at the post-show press conference as planned.”

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