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Ronda Rousey admits other WWE superstars would be fired if they made a shoot video like her

Ronda Rousey Raw

Ronda Rousey is now a heel and is reveling in the role. She caused a lot of controversy with her shoot video a while ago, where she broke kayfabe. She used a lot of NSFW words and said she’ll do whatever she wants to and WWE will just have to write on it.

During a recent YouTube video on Rousey’s channel, she went to Pittsburgh for last weeks’ RAW. In the video, she admitted that anyone else in her position would have been fired.

“I think they would have got fired [if they made a similar video], which might be one reason why maybe it’s a double standard that’s pissing people off. [Go get a medal and beat some women up for real], then you can say f*ck.”

Ronda Rousey truly can do whatever she wants to due to who she is. Her video brought a lot of attention to her Wrestlemania storyline, even having major outlets covering it. This is what WWE wants in the end.

With just a few weeks left until Wrestlemania, it will be interesting to see how the RAW Women’s title storyline develops.
h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.

  • R.T. Red

    Agree 100%

  • R.T. Red

    It actually is good

  • CC

    This is why I hate these work/shoot type promos.
    We all know she is being fed this crap to say, so saying stuff like this just makes her look stupid.
    She is essentially saying “none of this is real and I can do and say what I want”, then she goes on to RAW and has a “match” with duck lips Brooke which just makes her look like an idiot as why would she still be doing this in the first place if she has no respect for it and has just told everyone what is going on is all fake.
    The idea is obviously that she is now going into the ring and doing stuff for real, but all that does is make people realise that she is now doing fake stuff to prove its fake.
    And with all this, how dumb will she look when she is defeated?

  • Soulshroude

    If the script called for a “superstar” to create a video like Ronda’s, then they wouldn’t be fired. In all actuality, Ronda is posturing.

  • Grant Thomson

    I’m wondering….has anyone tried the new Orange Vanilla Coke?