Ronda Rousey & Becky Lynch ‘Get Ready’ For WWE Return

Ronda Rousey has been training to wrestle and Becky Lynch is also set for a WWE comeback, Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio today. A former WWE Women’s Champion has been spoiled to be returning at the Royal Rumble.



Wrestling-Edge transcribed his comments, where he said Rousey and Lynch were highly unlikely for the Rumble, but that Lynch is coming back soon, with many fans hoping it will be before WrestleMania. Meltzer first said he wasn’t sure if Rousey will come back for WrestleMania, but that it is a possibility.

“I was kinda told that she’s not doing (Royal Rumble) this year. If it was in Los Angeles I think she would have done it for almost he same reason, but it’s not now. You could do it, but it does make more sense for her to be in Dallas for next year’s WrestleMania or Los Angeles the year after because this year it’ll still be a scaled down event.”

He then said about Becky giving birth to her baby and making a comeback, “It was first week of December, December 7th maybe. She is on her way back, but I was told not – but who knows, with Becky Lynch I don’t know.

Ronda was training though, I do know that. She still may be at WrestleMania. So with Ronda, here’s the negative. Ronda can come into the Royal Rumble and be a surprise but unless she’s gonna win, I would say no way. Now if she’s going to win, yes, yes. then do it. She can still work WrestleMania and shoot an angle with somebody without winning the Royal Rumble; because people will resent her for winning the Royal Rumble because she’s not been there. Even though they’ll pop because of the surprise aspect, but everyone will complain because it’s a part timer.

It’s almost from a political standpoint, better for her not to win, but if she’s not going to win, she shouldn’t be in it. Why do that? It doesn’t benefit anyone, and you’re not making any money off her name, because nobody knows she’s in the match anyways. So if she’s going to do Mania this year, which I think is possible, unless she’s winning the Rumble – then Mania becomes the second match, not the first. So you’ve already given away the first without even advertising it.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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