Ronda Rousey confirmed for WWE event, Fan gets Vince McMahon tattoo on his butt

Ronda Rousey has been inching closer to WWE. It seems as though her confrontation at the Mae Young Classic with Charlotte Flair, Bayley, and Becky Lynch isn’t going to be the only time she’s scheduled to appear on WWE television.



WWE has officially confirmed Ronda Rousey will be appearing at the Mae Young Classic finales red carpet show before the event starts. Hope Solo, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, cast members from Netflix’s GLOW, and other participants from the Mae Young Classic are also scheduled to be appearing.

Hopefully, this will be a stepping stone for Ronda Rousey to further progress that ongoing storyline with WWE’s Horsewomen we keep hearing so much about.

Some people love WWE more than others and one fan took it to the extreme. He was also very proud to show off his fandom to Jerry “The King” Lawler at a fan convention.

Jerry recently told a story about meeting one superfan at a convention who had a very unconventional tattoo. This fan thought it was a good idea to show The Chairman Of The Board how much he cared so he got Vince McMahon’s angry face tattooed on his butt.

Jerry was able to find the picture and share it with everyone. Thankfully, Lawler also had the wherewithal to blur out certain parts of the photo which would be deemed inappropriate for all audiences. He also tossed on an emoji over the person’s face in the background for extra immunity.

But you can’t deny this fan is really into WWE by the looks of his sacred butt tattoo. We just can’t help but wonder if he has plans for his right butt cheek. He always has room for Stephanie, Shane, and Linda somewhere.

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