Ronda Rousey Face Looks Bad In New Photo

Ronda Rousey posted a new photo showing a bruise after her WrestleMania 38 match with Charlotte Flair.



The former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre picked up a comprehensive win against Baron Corbin on Night 1 of WrestleMania 38. While stars like Bianca Belair and Seth Rollins came out to the entrance, it seems WWE also had plans for ‘The Scottish Warrior’ to have a similar entrance. However, the plans were ultimately nixed.

WWE cancels Drew McIntyre special entrance due to time contraints

Actor and heavy metal performer Sean Stark took to Twitter and revealed that he and his group were brought in to be a part of McIntyre’s entrance at the Showcase Of The Immortals. In an unfortunate turn of events, the company could not plan his entrance in theme due to time constraints and had to scrap it entirely. Even Mike J Wilson took to Instagram and uploaded a group of Kilted Warriors backstage who were supposed to be part of the entrance as well.

“We were goin to be apart of Drew McIntyre’s entrance but they couldn’t plan it in enough time. So they had to scrap it.”


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The WWE fans have certainly enjoyed the first night of WrestleMania 38 which was stacked with some huge matches. The first night saw the WWE RAW Women’s Championship change hands, the return of Cody Rhodes, and the WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin. It was noted that the final match on the show caused the New Day vs. Sheamus and Ridge Holland to be pulled out.

It was done because they were running long and they wanted to be off the air by midnight. They weren’t going to risk tiring the crowd out and having to shave time off of the Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kevin Owens match so it was safer to pull the tag match. No word on when the match will take place but there is room on the Kickoff show that airs at 6 pm eastern.
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