Ronda Rousey Huge WWE Contract Leaks

Ronda Rousey’s original WWE contract is set to expire today as reported originally by Fightful Select. Paul Heyman, the former Executive Director of Smackdown stated that WWE could work out a deal that replaces or extends her current agreement. It would appear that Rousey and WWE are sill very much in good graces as her merchandise is still available for sale on WWEShop even though she hasn’t been in a WWE match in two years. Was Ronda Rousey’s WWE return date just confirmed?



It has been recently reported however, that WWE President Nick Khan expected Rousey to return, along with former WWE Raw Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch. It should also be noted that Fightful proclaimed that Rousey has been doing some professional wrestling training since her last WWE appearance, mainly with James Storm.

Ronda Rousey ‘banned’ a WWE star from using this move. In other news regarding ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey, Triple H stated in a recent interview with ESPN’s SportsNation what his favorite moments from his WrestleMania 34 classic, teaming with his wife Stephanie McMahon to face Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle. Credit to 411 Mania for the below.

“One of the coolest things for me – standing side by side with Steph doing the water spit. We got to WrestleMania, and she was like, ‘How do you do that?’ We had to go out there and practice it, and the first time she was terrible. Doing that live at WrestleMania with her was one of the coolest things ever. And then there’s a moment in there where she tags in and Ronda tags in, and you know this thing is going into fifth gear. But I’m just sitting there watching with so much pride and watching her and Ronda tear it up and knowing what this is for both of them and thinking, ‘I hope Steph survives this.’ In that moment, I was just the biggest fan of both of them.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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