Ronda Rousey Misconduct Investigation Results Leak

The WWE NXT star Drew Gulak has found himself embroiled in a controversy following allegations made against him by former WWE superstar Ronda Rousey. Rousey accused Gulak of inappropriate behavior, stating that he touched the string of her sweatpants without her consent while she was waiting to speak with Triple H in the writer’s room.



These allegations have led to Gulak’s notable absence from WWE television and have raised concerns about his future with the company. Although an investigation into the matter did not yield definitive results, it was perceived that Rousey’s account was more credible than Gulak’s defense.

Dave Meltzer’s report on Wrestling Observer Radio about Drew Gulak’s situation with WWE provides insight into his recent absence from television programming. Despite the investigation, there were no concrete results found against Gulak after speaking with multiple personnel and considering his previous record. Nonetheless, the negative publicity surrounding the controversy has impacted the company, leading to Gulak’s removal from WWE television programming, including NXT.

Despite the lack of concrete evidence from the investigation, Gulak’s absence from television suggests the situation generated significant negative publicity for the company. His removal from programming indicates that the company is attempting to avoid further controversy, particularly in light of Rousey’s allegations.

There was an investigation and some took it from the results that they saw Rousey’s account as more credible than Gulak’s defense. Although we were told the investigation didn’t come back with anything solid either way. He positioned it as an accident. She didn’t accept that version of the story. We were told that others interviewed really had nothing definitive to say either way. Gulak had no previous incidents or reports of bad conduct. However, the publicity was such that he was taken off television immediately since he’d be a lightning rod for bad publicity being on television right now given the story she told.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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