Ronda Rousey Sad Survivor Series Botch Leaks

Ronda Rousey succesfully defended her SmackDown Women’s Championship at Survivor Series last night. However, she has received major heat. Many fans believe that Shotzi was the one who controlled the match and carried Rousey throughout, even being forced to overcome a dangerous botch on the ring apron.



Ronda Rousey botched a spot

Shotzi had climbed up the ropes whilst keeping hold of Rousey before going for a DDT where she jumped over the top rope. The Baddest Woman on the Planet failed to catch Shotzi and instead both women fell from the apron to the floor with the challenger taking the worst of the fall. Fans have since lashed out at Rousey, with one fan even calling her “hot garbage” following the botch.

Another fan claimed that Shotzi made Rousey look good throughout the match, and blamed the Champion for the botch.

Several are saying it was Rousey hanging onto the ropes for too long that caused the issue and even if she did reverse it then it should have been executed better. Earlier this month, Shotzi had won a six-pack challenge to become the new number-one contender. However, the WWE universe felt that the match was rushed as there was hardly any build for the match, and the lack of depth in the SmackDown Women’s division didn’t help their match at Survivor Series: WarGames.

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