Ronda Rousey Stuns Fans With Tragic News

Ronda Rousey is known for being one of the toughest and hardest-hitting stars in both UFC and WWE. However, Rousey clearly has an emotional and soft side as well as she recently took to social media via Instagram to eulogize her beloved dog, Mochi. According to the post, which can be viewed below, over fourth of July weekend, Mochi became really sick, and had a hard time eating. It was revealed that the dog was actually suffering from two tumors and cancer which spread throughout her pet’s body. Rousey allowed the animal to live the last moments of her live at home, peacefully surrounded by family. We wish Rousey our strongest support during this troubling and difficult time. The gender of Rousey’s child was recently revealed.



Here is the full eulogy that Rousey wrote on Instagram: “I’ve be been avoiding writing this for a while now because I haven’t been ready to face reality yet. But Mochi is no longer with us. She went from looking amazing for her age to having a hard time getting on the couch so quickly it’s hard to believe. If anyone knew retired Mochi they knew the highlights of her twilight were taking her evening tour of our property to find the ideal place to poop – Eating, well, anything (including poop, little turdinator) – And stretching out on her favorite two couches.

Over Fourth of July weekend she started having trouble pooping, was hesitant to get up to eat, and even struggling to get on and off the couch.

First thing on Monday we took her in to get checked out and found out she had two large tumors and cancer had spread to her lungs.
One of the large tumors was on her spleen and it could rupture at any moment, which would have been a horrific and painful death for her. We decided instead of waiting for the inevitable we’d have her spend her last moments at home surrounded by her family.

Every night I tucked her in and said goodnight before bed. Every morning the whole family would take turns hugging and kissing her to tell her good morning. She loved the mornings. Every person who came down the stairs she’d greet with a smile (yes she would smile) and wagging tail expecting her morning dose of adoration. It was recently revealed that Ronda Rousey signed a contract with this major company.

Until that last day I thought her morning and evening kisses and cuddles were for her – but now I know they were all for me, for us. I needed to love her. And she was always everything I needed her to be. There will never be another Mochi. She hated seeing me cry, she would whimper and whine with me if I did. She was the most selfless and perfect dog. I was her whole world. But as much as this hurts, if anything I’m glad I could take on the burden of losing her, because if she ever lost me I’d hate for her to not understand or think I left her. Thank you so much for everything Mochi baby, don’t forget I Love My Mo, you’re the best good girl.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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