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Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch is a mistake

Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey announced for Survivor Series

Survivor Series is the yearly battle of the brands for the WWE. It puts Raw’s top wrestlers against Smackdown’s top wrestlers. This year, Raw women’s champion Ronda Rousey will face Smackdown women’s champion Becky Lynch. This match is a mistake! Here is why.

Right now, Rousey and Lynch are the two hottest women on the roster in terms of crowd support and momentum. Rousey is one of the most recognizable stars on the entire roster. Becky’s rise to the position she is in has been hard earned. These two athletes are on a collision course to face off one way or the other. The problem is, it just shouldn’t happen yet.

On paper this is a big match. A match that deserves more than the backing of a brand versus brand story. There is way more story that could be told to build a match between these two.

Why not continue to build Becky? Charlotte comes back, wins a number one contender match and challenges again for the title. This time, Charlotte wins with underhanded tactics and attacks Becky after the match. Double turn complete. Becky loses the title but is elevated in the eyes of the fans.

Becky then goes on to win the Royal Rumble, they build towards her challenging Charlotte because of the history between the two. But then we “swerve everyone bro.” Becky announces that at Wrestlemania she is challenging Ronda not Charlotte. Then you are off to the races.

Instead, the WWE is sneaking in a cool down tactic that they have used before. Rush the hot rising contender to the top match and have them lose. They did it with Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman. Those guys were put in matches with Brock Lesnar with little to no build up. It was done at time that they where both men were building momentum and gaining big crowd support. The loses cooled them down.

A loss at Survivor Series for Becky will hurt her momentum. The only way they save it, would be to have Becky dominate the match and lose at the end. We all know that isn’t going to happen. My guess is that Becky will get in some good offense, probably the most anyone has ever got against Ronda. Overall, the match will continue to build Ronda with a decisive win.

Building Ronda is exactly what the WWE needs to be doing. They just don’t have to play one of their bigger cards in Becky to do so. What about Sasha Banks? What about Bayley? What about Raven? (sorry had to throw that in)

Sasha Banks talks about turning heel, wanting to stay in WWE.

Sasha and Bayley have enough equity in their characters to be believable challengers. I realize they are eating up the mid-card right now. That isn’t anything a few weeks of convincing wins would not fix. Both women are former champions and wins over them would help continue to build Rousey.

All speculation aside, this match is interesting. I want to see it. This match needs to be played a different way. Becky is not at her peak character wise. Ronda is not at her peak performance wise. By the time Wrestlemania comes around next year, with the right build, they could both be at the top of their game. Then a match between these two would make sense. Right now, Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch is a mistake.

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  • EVH

    Only a DQ finish or screw job could save Becky’s momentum. She’s going to lose to Ronda, that a given, WWE just has to find a way to protect Becky.

  • Wicka Steve

    I want AJ to, but I’m still hoping Lesnar drops the title before then so we don’t even get the match.

  • Wicka Steve

    Because sometimes the bad guy wins. If ALL of your wins as a heel are by cheating, you have zero credibility. There are some people that a heel should be able to beat clean. Someone like Nakemura should be able to beat Styles clean. Why? Because Shinsuke beat Cena clean and Cena beat AJ clean. By extension then, Shinsuke should be able to be AJ. Yes, I know AJ beat Cena, that changes nothing.

  • David Wells

    Seeing how AJ lost last year, I could see him winning this year

  • David Wells

    Here’s a thought: the match ends in a no contest when the other 6 Horsewomen interfere, setting up a 4-on-4 feud between the 2 factions!!

  • Soulshroude

    The writer seems to forget that Rousey is big money. If she looses, it will have to be at Wrestlemania.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I’ll never understand why people complain about heels cheating.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I think it will actually work better this way. Let this match be where Charlotte returns. Have Charlotte utterly ruin the match just as it’s getting interesting, then move forward with your plan. It builts face credibility for both Rousey and Lynch, turns Charlotte into an instant heel, and lets these two get a feel for each other without a definitive ending.


    May be you didn’t read the article dawg. Guy said he likes the match just wants a better build.

  • David Klein

    are you serious they have 3 wrestemania worth matches and u are bitching about??????!!!!! The wwe can’t do anything right to some people im sure if ROH or NJPW or IMPACT you would b fine with it damn people.

  • Whistling Joe

    Of course it’s a mistake. The whole card so far is a mistake. Is Nakamura going to defeat Rollins? Probably not, at least not clean. Is AJ going to beat Lesnar? Nope. Is Becky going to beat Ronda clean, if at all? Nope. So your top three champion vs champion matches are all either going to be Raw wins, or Smackdown wins, but has to cheat to do it. I really hope Fox sticks the screws to WWE and demands that Smackdown be presented as on par with Raw. Before Reigns went away I figured that he and Rollins would be moving to Smackdown and Styles would be moved to Raw before Smackdown moved to Fox.