Roseanne Brutally Attacked Donald Trump Before…

It has been noted that comedian and movie star Tom Arnold recently dished dirt on his former wife Rosanne Barr this week, days after her headline-grabbing, incomprehensible speech at a pro-Trump event.



Arnold, who was married to Barr from 1990 to 1994, wrote on X/Twitter earlier in the week, “We hated David Duke. Loved Edwin Edwards. We supported Bill Clinton. Went to his Inauguration. LOVED Hillary Clinton. Had her in our home raising $ for Democrats.”

“Roseanne HATED Donald Trump. After we divorced Trump told me I was lucky because she was disgusting. Life is strange,” he concluded.

Barr was once known for her left-wing political views, evolving from a member of the Democratic Party to a Green Party activist — even seeking the Green Party’s presidential nomination in 2012.

Arnold’s post came days after Barr headlined at Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest in Phoenix, Arizona. Barr delivered bizarre lines to a cheering crowd gathered at the pro-Trump student group organization’s annual event like, “If we don’t stop these horrible communists. Do you hear me,” Barr shouted at the crowd to initial cheering.

“I’m asking you to hear me. Stalinists! Communists! With a huge helping of Nazi fascists thrown in!”

“Plus one caliphate. To replace every Christian democracy on Earth now! Occupy! Do you know that?!” she screamed.

Barr, a one-time popular sitcom star, has made a full transformation into a MAGA influencer with her brash political takes and staunchly pro-Trump rhetoric. She has even become a fixture on Fox Nation, where she took to the stage for a stand-up special – her first in sixteen years.

She made a brief comeback in 2018 with one season of her sitcom returning to the air to high ratings, but it was canceled after she made a social media post widely seen as racist.

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