Roseanne Drops Jamie Foxx ‘Cloning’ Bombshell

Roseanne Barr recently recounted a false Jamie Foxx conspiracy theory on Timcast about Jamie Foxx and his health issues. Roseanne said, “Monique said they cloned him.”



Meanwhile, on August 18th, Universal Pictures will release Strays, an R-rated comedy starring the voices of Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx. The movie is still a few weeks away, but a tie-in video game has been released for free online to build hype.

Appropriately titled Strays of Rage, the browser game has not been ESRB rated, but the website does make visitors check a box indicating that they are over the age of 18. Given the plot of the movie, it is not surprising, and the game itself does feature some risque elements, so readers should keep that in mind! The game can be found right here.

In the first level of Strays of Rage, players take on the role of Reggie, a Border Terrier played by Ferrell in the movie. In Strays, Reggie has been abandoned by his owner Doug (played by Will Forte). Reggie meets a group of other stray dogs, including a Boston Terrier named Bug (Foxx).

Reggie and the group of strays set out to exact revenge on Doug, with a goal of… separating him from the thing he cherishes the most. The game is basically an auto-runner, and players must click to avoid obstacles while chasing after Doug and “the devil in the sky” (a postal worker). There are several items that can also refill health, including pizza and beer.

There are only three levels in total, so Strays of Rage is a pretty quick experience, but it should be a fun distraction for anyone interested in seeing Strays when it releases next month. The movie looks like a wild take on the talking animal movie genre, and the game does a good job highlighting the absurdity. In addition to Ferrell and Fox, the movie will also feature the voice talents of Isla Fisher and Randall Park. On the human side, Forte will be joined by Josh Gad, Sofia Vergara, Dennis Quaid, Harvey Guillen, Brett Gelman, and Ferrell’s Step Brothers co-star Rob Riggle.

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