Rosie O’Donnell ‘Panics’ About Trump In Video

Liberal comedian Rosie O’Donnell expressed deep concern in a video message to her supporters on Tuesday, following the Supreme Court’s ruling granting sweeping immunity to sitting presidents from criminal charges. Despite her grimace and disappointment over the decision, O’Donnell urged anti-Trumpers to find hope and support each other during challenging times.



In a TikTok video, O’Donnell acknowledged feeling depressed herself but encouraged her followers to hold on, emphasizing that they have endured difficult days before and will continue to do so. She advised reaching out to friends and loved ones for support, expressing her belief that the country will right itself and remove Trump from office for good in the upcoming November election.

“Listen, I’m depressed myself, but I’m trying to tell you out there if you are, you’ve gotta hold on. We’ve survived all of the depressing days so far. We’ll survive this one. Reach out for your friends for help. Tell the people that you love how you feel… and, um, know that this country I believe is gonna right itself and oust [Trump] for good in November. Boy, I pray,” she told her followers on TikTok.

Since reducing her Hollywood presence, O’Donnell has become a vocal critic of President Trump, often appearing on cable news to criticize his leadership and policies. Her recent statements reflect her ongoing advocacy for unity and healing in the nation, sentiments she shared during a notable exchange with Bill O’Reilly on Chris Cuomo’s NewsNation program in April. During this appearance, O’Donnell emphasized the need for national reconciliation regardless of the election outcome, prompting a rebuttal from O’Reilly regarding her previous divisive remarks about Trump supporters.

“I agree with you [Bill] and I think that no matter who wins in November, this country has a lot of healing to do. We have to forgive each other for our trespasses and our misconceptions. And then try to reunite as one country, united, and that’s the dangerous thing that’s happening when I say, Chris, Democracy is on trial. It’s because without this, we’re nothing as a nation. We have to get everyone back together again in some way,” O’Donnell told Cuomo and O’Reilly according to the Daily Caller.

The animosity between O’Donnell and Trump dates back to 2006, originating from O’Donnell’s criticism of Trump’s handling of the Miss America controversy. This feud has persisted over the years, with Trump frequently dismissing O’Donnell and labeling her as “out of control” and a “loser.”

Despite the setbacks and controversies, O’Donnell remains committed to her advocacy and continues to engage her audience in discussions about political and social issues through various media platforms.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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