Ross-WWE Update, WWE Employees Cash in Stocks, ECW-iMPACT, More

Source: F4W Newsletter



– Jim Ross is expected to re-sign his WWE deal as early as this week.

– Bryan Danielson is still in Las Vegas working out and waiting on the call from WWE to come to work.

– Michael Solomon, a member of WWE’s Board of Directors, cashed in all of his stock last week, taking in more than $20 million. Apparently he was unhappy with the way certain things were being run and got out. John Laurinaitis also cashed in $155,000 of his stock.

– Last week, ECW on SyFy had 17 minutes and 45 seconds of wrestling including a 10 minute and 57 second main event. TNA on the same week had 26 minutes and 34 seconds of wrestling. That broke down to 9 minutes and 21 seconds in the first hour and 17 minutes and 14 seconds in the second hour, including a 4 minutes and 49 second main event.

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