R-Truth Spoils His Heel Turn, JR Comments on RAW, Edge Roster Update

– Jim Ross wrote the following comments on Twitter after last night’s RAW:



“Well….not exactly what I had in mind tonight from London. However, paybacks are hell. Ham & egg announcers knocking me are laughable.

As Chris Farley said in Tommy Boy, “Me need sleepy.” Extreme Rules tag will be bowling shoe ugly but it will be fun…I hope.”

– WWE has removed Edge from the SmackDown roster and moved him over to their Alumni roster.

– Before last night’s taped RAW hit the air, R-Truth wrote the following on Twitter:

“Being mr nice guy got me no where! I lost my chance to become WWE champion! Wait’al they get a load of me!”

Truth then deleted the tweet within minutes after fans complained to him that he spoiled RAW for them.

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