Rudy Guiliani Brutally Insults Trump’s Girl

Trump’s ex lawyer and friend Sidney Powell recently stated that Rudy Guiliani swore at her using expletives and called her the worst lawyer he’d ever seen.



It has been noted that Powell, who Trump has said was never officially his lawyer, alleged during her proffer interview that she was in daily contact with Trump and he was even considering making her “special counsel” to deal with election fraud, which would have included seizing voting machines from multiple swing states Trump claimed he won when he actually lost.

“Did I know anything about election law? No,” Powell admitted at one point to prosecutors. “But I understand fraud from having been a prosecutor for 10 years, and knew generally what the fraud suit should be if the evidence showed what I thought it showed.”

Powell also described a shouting match with Giuliani, the former New York City mayor who represented Trump and spearheaded many of his efforts to challenge the 2020 results.

Giuliani was allegedly frustrated with Powell’s work on challenging the 2020 results.

“There was a big shouting match in which Rudy called me every name in the book and I was the worst lawyer he’d ever seen in his life,” she said. “There were no circumstances under which he’d work with me on anything. He called me a b—h and I don’t know what all, and that’s pretty much all I remember about that one.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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