Rudy Guiliani Melts Down After Indictment With Trump

Rudy Guiliani responded on his podcast to Donald Trump being indicted in Georgia with 10 accounts, just as it was becoming apparent he himself would also be indicted with Mark Meadows.



“I feel very sorry for him (Trump) and what he has gone through now with the fourth indictment, I feel sorry for any of the others that are involved in this and if it involves me I feel sorry for me as well,” he said on his “America’s Mayor Live” show before his indictment was unsealed over trying to overturn the 2020 election in Georgia.

“This is a completely unjustified and disgusting act of retribution as I had the temerity to unveil the biggest scandal in American history and for that, my parents are proud of me and I don’t give a damn about the rest,” he ranted.

And he also said: “Ten indictments? This is a terrible thing to happen to my country to have these kinds of political prosecutions go on, and the prosecution of lawyers trying to do their job aggressively but honestly.”

“This indictment I believe without seeing it goes nowhere. It is number four after three others, it is not getting tried next year, impossible, even if he was not running for president. Rico cases are complicated and there is tremendous discovery involved. I would say that this is clearly being done to try and jam (Trump) up.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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