Rudy Guiliani Screams At Jack Smith For Trump In Video

Former New York City Mayor and former Trump attorney, Rudy Giuliani, found himself in the spotlight once again, this time delivering an impassioned and fiery rant against the indictment of former President Donald Trump. The outburst occurred during an appearance on Newsmax’s show, The Balance, shortly after Trump was charged with four felony counts related to his alleged attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.



During the interview, host Eric Bolling mentioned Department of Justice Special Counsel Jack Smith, cautioning Giuliani to be mindful of his words, given Smith’s role as the special prosecutor. Unfazed by the warning, Giuliani made it clear that he had abandoned caution a long time ago and was no longer concerned about individuals like Jack Smith. Giuliani even referenced a chapter in his book titled ‘Stand Up to Bullies,’ indicating his determination to confront those he perceives as unjust.

In an act of defiance, Giuliani held up a stack of papers, presumably containing evidence or documents related to the case. He passionately expressed his frustration, attacking Smith’s track record and asserting that the Supreme Court’s rejection of the case should have been a shameful moment for the special counsel. Giuliani went as far as suggesting that Smith should consider a different profession, as he believed Smith didn’t belong in the legal field.

After the Supreme Court threw out your case, which should have been a disgrace and you should’ve gone and found another profession because you don’t belong in this one, this one will be your legacy. Violating the right of free speech of an American citizen. Never mind whether he was president or not. He could be anybody. He could be a homeless person. You don’t get to violate people’s First Amendment rights, Smith! No matter who the hell you are, or no matter how sick you are with Trump derangement syndrome.

The former mayor took a firm stance on protecting First Amendment rights, asserting that no one, regardless of their position or political leanings, should be allowed to violate an American citizen’s right to free speech. Giuliani emphasized that this principle should apply to anyone, whether they were the President of the United States or a homeless individual.

In a moment of intense emotion, Giuliani concluded his diatribe by accusing Smith of unethical behavior in the past and demanding that it should be the last time such actions are tolerated. Slamming the desk with the stack of papers, Giuliani’s facial expression mirrored his anger and determination to defend what he believes to be a gross violation of constitutional rights.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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