Rudy Guiliani ‘Wiped Out Financially’ After Trump…

Former FBI General Counsel and ex-federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann recently opened up on Rudy Giuliani’s legal woes on Friday’s Deadline: White House via Media Ite.



Last month, Giuliani was indicted in Fulton County, Georgiaalong with former President Donald Trump and 17 others over their attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election result in the state.

The former personal attorney for Trump was also found liable for defamation last month when a federal judge issued a summary judgment. A jury trial will determine the damages Giuliani owes.

It has been noted that he is also being sued by a former employee who says he compelled her into having s*x and alleges he owes her $2 million in unpaid wages.

With legal bills for the former New York mayor mounting, Trump held a $100,000/per plate fundraiser for Giuliani at Trump’s Bedminster, New Jersey resort on Thursday.

Speaking on MSNBC, Weissmann addressed the possibility that Giuliani may flip on Trump. He said Judge Beryl Howell’s summary judgment, which was issued after Giuliani failed to comply with discovery requirements, suggests he may be hiding damning information:

Rudy Giuliani – I’m not sure a great cooperating witness – but he is in a, just a world of hurt. He is about to be wiped out financially in the Ruby Freeman/Shaye Moss case. The decision by former Chief Judge Howell makes it plain she believes he’s sitting on some discovery that he desperately does not want to turn over. That is why he’s in the position he’s in with a summary judgment against him and only damages to be decided.

Weissmann went on to note that Giuliani is selling his apartment – “his last known asset.”

“It’ll be interesting to see what he does because there’s just so much pressure on him on the criminal side and the civil side,” he concluded.

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