Rumor killer on Jinder Mahal and UFC 215 appearance

It has made the rounds that Jinder Mahal is going to be in attendance at UFC 215 and even accompanying his good friend Arjan Bhullar to the ring. Bhullar is set to fight Luis Henrique at the upcoming MMA event but apparently, reports have been mistaken concerning Mahal’s involvement.



The Modern Day Maharaja recently spoke to Sportskeeda where he cleared up some of the misconceptions concerning his involvement in the upcoming Ultimate Fighting Championship pay-per-view.

“Actually it got reported a little bit wrong. Everybody said that I am going to walk Arjan Bhullar to the ring. I’m just going to be in attendance’. I will be there in attendance. I will be there cheering him on. So that’s my only involvement. You know, (he is a) good friend of mine. Also first Indian UFC fighter, so I’m very happy for that. I wish nothing but success to him. I will be there only cheering him on.”

So if you were thinking Jinder Mahal is going to be appearing on television during a UFC event, then he still might be. But unfortunately, he won’t be walking his buddy to the ring. We’re sure he’ll still have a wonderful time though. If Jinder Mahal appears on screen it will be in a crowd shot. Then again, he’s a pretty important guy so who knows if the camera will find him in the crowd to spotlight him or not?

At this time the best place to catch Jinder Mahal on your television screen is to simply tune into SummerSlam to see how he fairs against Shinsuke Nakamura.

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