Rumor killer on Evolution match

We noted before how WWE was reportedly planning a match between the Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey and Nikki Bella for the upcoming Evolution PPV.



After these reports, an image, which was said to be a graphic from a monitor at SummerSlam started circulating which apparently spoiled another match for the show.

The image showed the former NXT Women’s Champion Asuka and opposite to her was the WWE Legend Lita and it appeared to have spoiled a match scheduled for the upcoming event.

The photo, however, has been proven to be fake since then and it has been revealed that the photoshopped image was an original graphic which spoiled Bobby Lashley’s return back in April:

You can check out a list of matches for the upcoming Evolution PPV and the report about the possible main event for the Women’s only event at this link.

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