Rumor Killer On RAW Host, Ted Dibiase On His Father, Working With Orton/Cody & more

– It has been recently rumored Jerry Springer may be hosting WWE RAW due to him being spotted in Stamford, CT, however this is only due to ‘The Springer Show’ moving its tapings there from Chicago. (Credit –



– Legacy member Ted Dibiase was recently interview by The Peoria Journal Star and below are some of the highlights:

Teaming With Orton: It has skyrocketed my career. He is just incredible. He is one of the top guys. People hate him but they will pay money to come see him and hope he gets his butt whooped. He knows the business and how to be successful. That is exactly what we are doing.

Slapping His Father On RAW: Not at all. I’ve been waiting to slap my dad in the face for a long time. I loved it (laughs). Yeah, I guess afterward I may have felt a little guilty, but it wasn’t too hard.

Teaming With Cody Rhodes: (Laughs) They are proud fathers in any way you look at it. They were Nemesis back in the day, but we come from a blood line of wrestlers. That’s our lineage, and we are a new generation and a new breed and era, so we’ll make our own decisions. I like Cody. We get along very well. We have good chemistry in the ring. Teaming with Randy Orton has put the icing on the cake.

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