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Rumor: Mike & Maria Kanellis apparently ‘misled’ WWE prior to signing contracts

Mike and Maria Kanellis both re-signed with WWE. The contracts were for five years and they would get each get $250,000 per year. Then Mike Kanellis asked for his WWE release.

Other superstars such as Luke Harper, Sincara were granted their release recently, while Mike Kanellis was not granted his release. He is apparently doing everything he is asked to by WWE, but it seems he is staying at home currently.

On Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray said that he heard from some superstars in the WWE locker room that Mike and Maria “might have misled” WWE when they signed their new contracts.

“I heard rumors, and not internet rumors and dirt sheet rumors. I’ve heard talk of some scuttlebutt amongst the boys that Mike and Maria might have misled the WWE when their new contracts were signed. I don’t know this for a fact but I’m saying maybe the WWE didn’t want to release them because I want to keep them [and get] their money’s worth out of them.”

Maria Kanellis is out due to her being pregnant, as the couple will be welcoming their second child. However, it is unknown just how they misled WWE, as Bully Ray did not elaborate on what he said.

h/t to SE Scoops for the transcription.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    What’s wrong with her getting pregnant? Vince doesn’t own slaves, even if he wishes he could

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    You’re delusional if you think Rollins would be pushed to the stars in NJPW or AEW. They already have bigger stars.

  • F. Loyd B. Pippin

    As if WWE hasn’t mislead people in order to get them to sign long term deals. I’m sure once it got out that the average salary in WWE was at $350,000 a year, a number of people began to rethink their contracts.

  • CC

    I think it is pretty obvious that they have misled WWE twice. Maybe the first time it was unintentional with Maria getting pregnant or not realising she was pregnant when they first signed, but I have my doubts about that. They certainly knew the situation with her second pregnancy when they re-signed, and I think WWE decided to get back at them with the whole cuck storyline and Mike was unable to deal with that, hence asking for his release.

    End of the day though, whether they manipulated WWE once or twice, considering how much WWE manipulates their own talent, it is actually quite funny that someone actually got one (or two) over on them.

  • Dirt McGirt

    They should not have resigned, Oney should not have resigned, Gallows and Anderson should not have resigned. You know who should resign if offered a new contract? The Colons.. They are the perfect fit for WWE. They are never used, but they are where they belong: on the sidelines and when they do wrestle, they lose. Even if I’m Seth Rollins, I don’t resign. I go to New Japan or AEW, become the top guy there, stay for four years, and then use that to go back to WWE with a clause that if I slip down the card or hate the creative, I am allowed to walk.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Way overpaid

  • Will Henderson

    they mislead by pretending to be valuable talent when Maria’s getting knocked up for a second time and Mike being a really crappy wrestler, period.