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Rumor: Vince McMahon desires ‘more crazy stories’ following Lana & Liv Morgan angle

The final episode of Monday Night RAW in 2019 saw Liv Morgan make her return. She shocked fans by announcing to the world that she loves Lana. Fans did not receive this segment well and have been blaming WWE creative.

However, it is always Vince McMahon who has the final say in anything that goes on in the company. Rumors suggest that McMahon loved the segment between Lana and Liv Morgan. He also wants to do “more crazy stories like this” in the future.

However, he has to balance things out to satisfy the people at USA Network and the sponsors. As the segment did very well, he is quite happy.

It is certain the increase in viewership for this week’s RAW made Vince McMahon happy as well. It is a wonder what ”crazy stories” he will come up with next.

  • Matt

    Storytelling always (or at least for many decades) have been a central part of pro wrestling. Now of course I think the storyline with Lana-Lashley-Rusev isn’t good, but that is no reason to deny the importance of storytelling. Having only matches on a pro wrestling show would suck, even if the matches were 5 stars. I need a reason to care about the matches.

  • Brian

    Good grief, I absolutely hated this angle. Keep things in the ring, wrestling. If I wanted to watch this type of TV, I’d tune into one of the Real Housewives of …. series.