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Rumors on why WWE moved WrestleMania weekend Takeover back to Friday

NXT Takveover

We noted before how WWE chose to move the Takeover event before WrestleMania back to Friday night and it has started all kind of rumors regarding the real reason behind it.

WrestleVotes Twitter account claims that the decision didn’t come from WWE and it was Fox who will be airing SmackDown starting next year requested for these changes

This has obviously started many rumors as of why the network requested such change; with some thinking, they might start airing the Takeover special during the week from next year.

Another rumor says that the decision might have been made to have people fly in early to the location as many people flew in for the Takeover special directly and decided to skip the Hall Of Fame ceremony last year.

A very interesting speculation connected to this that happens to be circling around says that the Rock is in line for an induction at this year’s Hall Of Fame and since he couldn’t dedicate three nights in a row for it, the company had to move Hall Of Fame back to Saturday.

  • CC

    Not sure how Fox would be affected by whatever day NXT is shown seeing as its a WWE Network exclusive.
    The HoF story does make more sense though.

    Its kind of like having a concert I guess with support acts. Many people skip the support acts if they are small unknown bands, but if you put a more well known act on first, it kind of makes it more desirable for people to show up early.