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Rumour killer on Paige’s condition following Daniel Bryan’s clearance


6 months ago the majority of the WWE Universe believed that WWE will never allow Daniel Bryan to wrestle inside their ring ever again and his career in the company was over.

However, things changed quickly and after months of rumors the company ended up clearing the former World Champion for action earlier this week.

After this many believed that Paige, who also had to retire from active competition due to a neck injury earlier this year could be the next to receive the same treatment as Bryan and return to the ring.

However, Mike Johnson of Pwinsider is reporting that as of yesterday Paige’s status remained the same and there have been no changes in her case after the Bryan incident.

According to the site, the company is not considering an in-ring return for the former Champion and as of now the Officials only intend to use her in a supporting role for Absolution going forward.

She will also be involved in the promotion of the upcoming Fighting With My Family movie which is based on Paige’s life but for now, that’s all she is expected to do with the company.

  • jedi

    I think he got lucky doing such a good job on commentary eventually. Think he has more longevity outside the ring as opposed to in.

  • Imani Hill

    I have hope that one day Corey would be back in the ring again. In the future, I think he’ll be back!

  • The Truth

    The problem is she not only took about a million pictures, but a million videos as well. I’m not saying that it’s okay for people’s privacy to be invaded, but you lose your voice to complain when you know the age we live in and set yourself up for a fall. It’s a case of out of sight out of mind. Also, the fact she played Chinese finger cuffs makes her an even bigger whore.

  • mftom

    100% agree with you. still no official statement from her or wwe about it.

  • jedi

    Listening to Daniels speech all I could think of is whatbis going through Graves head…..

  • Keith Learmonth

    I’m not surprised. The injuries we’re talking about aren’t comparable.

    Remember, Daniel had a neck injury, it healed, and then he got further injuries that were more brain related, and -those- are the ones that had him pulled from the ring.

    Paige’s situation is the same as Austin, Edge, and a few others like that. She isn’t in the same boat as Daniel.

    Now, if the question was about whether Corey Graves could possibly be reevaluated, there would be an actual story here.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Is enjoying intercourse with a handful of attractive people really that bad, though?
    Like, if the story was that Elias had “been with” Alexa Bliss, Mandy Rose, and Becky Lynch, would the IWC crucify him for it like they have with Paige, or is it somehow because she’s a woman, it’s worse?

  • CC

    Considering she has never officially retired, this story is worthless. Sorry.

  • The Truth

    Good riddance to Paige. I’m never for someone having something they love taken away form them but this woman is evil. On top of that, she’s the community bicycle. Maybe the wheels of karma finally caught up to her. I hope she learns from this and changes who she is and how she decides to live her life.


    To this day i still haven’t seen any statement from WWE or Paige confirming that she has been forced to retire.