Rumoured plan for the Shield’s break up

Nobody can forget how the Shield broke up last time and it appears that WWE is planning something similar for dividing the recently reunited trio once again.



According to a report the company is once again planning to turn a member of Shield heel in order to break their team, only this time it will be Dean Ambrose instead of Seth Rollins.

This heel turn is then expected to lead to a showdown between Ambrose and Rollins at next years edition of the Show Of Shows, WrestleMania.

Naturally, Roman Reigns is expected to be out of the equation by the time of Mania since he is penned to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal title at the show.

Dean Ambrose has mostly been a face ever since Shield broke up so a heel turn for him appears to be an idea worth exploring at this point, and it’d be interesting to see if WWE actually executes these plans of making the Lunatic Fringe a full-fledged villain.

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