Rumours killer on fake John Cena vs Undertaker WrestleMania poster

WrestleMania season is about to begin and this means that it’s time for the rumor train to leave its station and start the speculations both true and false about what the company has been planning for the show.



One such rumor began when a poster featuring the Undertaker and John Cena started making rounds of the internet, starting the rumors that these two may meet at the upcoming show of shows.

Unfortunately, we can confirm that the poster as seen below is fake and so far there is no confirmed news of the Cenation Leader possibly facing the Dead Man anytime in future:

Cena vs Taker fake poster

Though it’s worth mentioning here that while talking about another rumor of John Cena challenging AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at Mania, Dave Meltzer said that this match won’t be happing cause John is ‘in a bigger match than Styles’.

While Meltzer couldn’t reveal the exact opponent for the 16 times World Champion, he narrowed down the list of possible opponents to 4 and one of them is none other than Taker himself.

So while this poster turned out of be fake, the possibility of these two Wrestling Legends meeting each other at the upcoming edition of WrestleMania is not completely dead just yet.

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