Rusev’s cryptic tweet leads to speculation about his future in WWE

Former WWE United States Champion Rusev has been out of action for a while now. Though this hasn’t stopped the Bulgarian Brute from making headlines one way or the other.



About a month ago, there were lots of talks about what WWE had planned for Rusev in future, and now as those rumours have slowed down, he has now found another way to stay in news.

Earlier this week, the former Champion made a cryptic tweet with the hashtag Thank You Rusev. This tweet which is seen below has led to many speculations and people have been guessing what it could mean:

The rumours stretch from the tweet being the start of a new storyline to bring him back on WWE TV, to a possible retirement due to frustration over the creative direction of his character.

Rusev was previously rumoured to face Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Money In The Bank, but the win of Jinder Mahal apparently forced WWE to change plans.

Now it’d be interesting to see where this tweet of Rusev leads us and if it turns out to be the start of a fresh storyline for the new SmackDown star.

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