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Rusev Day teases interesting possibility if they win the tag titles

Rusev Day

While there have been talks of WWE introducing tag team championships for Women, so far there haven’t been a Women who has held the tag title in the company.

However, during a recent interview, Rusev Day teased an interesting possibility that can give us our first female tag champion, even before the official introduction of the belts.

Rusev Day defeated the Bar in an upset victory during the latest episode of SmackDown Live, and the win earned them the right to challenge the New Day for their tag titles at the upcoming Hell In A Cell PPV.

After their victory, the duo along with Lana were interviewed backstage and during the talk, they teased the possibility of using the freebird rule that would make Lana the tag team champion as well:

Do you think Rusev Day can beat the New Day at the upcoming PPV? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

  • Wicka Steve

    Guys, I would assume, are the ones who watch and therefore get their kids and wives and gfs into wrestling. Guys need to take corrective action when they start cheering the likes of Reigns or Charlotte tell them to keep it down. If they don’t listen, either break up with them or stop taking them to wrestling events. If my kids cheered someone like Roman I’d tell them they won’t be coming to the show next time WWE comes to town, but I will be.

  • Ronald Nearns

    Thank the kiddies and females for that man, the guys like myself who were teens in the Attiude Era don’t matter anymore because the chicks that go and the kids decide by merchandise who gets pushed even though Rusev is a huge seller

  • ROB-1.

    I hope Rusev day beats New Day. New Day gimmick is getting stale. Let Big E go on his own.

  • Mike the Ike

    It’s clear that WWE has no interest in pushing anyone but Charlotte, Reigns, and Styles. If I was a guy like Ambrose or Rusev or Nakamura, I’d leave as soon as my contract was up and talk as many lower cards guys like Ryder and Ascension to leave as well. Not that I think Ryder and Ascension are these top talents that aren’t getting pushed, but WWE isn’t doing ANYTHING with them. The best a wrestler in this company can hope for is to be fodder for one of the top names, which is BS because Charlotte and Reigns are FAAAAAR from top talent or a draw. I have lost so much respect for Vince over the past 5 years, though I probably should have lost it when Punk was champ, but not the main event back in 2011-2012.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Can’t believe they’re still wasting this guy in a mid card spot, they should be putting the world title on him