Rusev explains his comments about Saudi Arabia situation

There are still lots of mysteries about WWE stars getting stuck in Saudi Arabia and one of the main reasons why people first got worried about the stars who were stuck there was the numerous tweets the talents had made during the time.



One such star whose tweet made many wonder was the former United States Champion Rusev who had asked the fans to send them prayers.

During a recent interview with The Sun, the Bulgarian Brute was asked about his tweet on the matter and he explained that he asked for prayers because they were frustrated:

“Unpleasant, of course, because we all wanted to go home after being away for over 24 hours, we were all ready to get out and we couldn’t. The frustration just grew by each hour and me asking for prayers is nothing new.”

The former Champion then said that the reason why he asked for prayers was because he believes in the god and went on to claim that they were not held hostage in the country:

“My father is a pastor, I’m a believer in God, Jesus Christ, our saviour, so I always ask for prayers just because I wanted to go home, not because we were held hostage. I don’t think anyone in their rightful mind is going to hold 170 people, American citizens, hostage, I don’t think that’ll reflect well anywhere.”

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