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Rusev hasn’t re-signed with WWE?

At one point, it was nearly impossible to make a good living as a professional wrestler in the States. If you weren’t with WWE, it was a struggle. However, now more than ever, there are great options for those who don’t want to work for them.

In its short life, AEW has proven to be a great place for those to showcase themselves to a large audience. And with Ring of Honor getting back into shape, along with IMPACT Wrestling getting a slot on AXS TV, the business is looking good. With more options opening up for a better opportunity with great money, several stars are looking for an out.

There are quite a few WWE Superstars that fans are hoping escape to another company. Cesaro, Bobby Roode, EC3 just to name a few. However, when one fan expressed their displeasure with the company’s use of underutilized talent, another fan favorite gave the people hope.

Rusev addressed this comment, asking who said he’d actually re-signed. It’s hard to figure out Rusev’s stance on the company. While he didn’t outright reveal that he didn’t re-sign, it definitely left fans wondering what was next for the Bulgarian Brute.

Some reports claim that the former US Champion is currently in negotiations with WWE. So it’s quite possible he may step away for a spot in another company.

  • Soulshroude

    I’m pretty sure the comment on “the elite” was meant as all those accomplished work horses who are seen regularly. AEW is only in it’s beginning stages. Give them a break. Storylines need to see their way through and characters, established.

  • Rinn13

    AEW doesn’t have any “star power” outside of the Elite? So Chris Jericho, their champion, is a nobody? LAX, The Lucha Bros, and SCU are nobodies? Even though I’ve never been his fan, Jon Moxley is a nobody?

    I agree with some of that Tweeters’ opinions, but I’ve always felt it was ridiculous the way American wrestling fans have been so conditioned to think someone “isn’t a star”, unless they’ve been a major star, IE pushes, in WWE. There are a LOT of popular, successful, drawing wrestlers in the world, who have never worked a single day for WWE. And beyond that, that’s the whole point of having a young, fresh roster, of people who fans will get familiar with, will get over, and will BECOME stars.

    I’m not super hyped about AEW’s singles roster as it is right now myself, even though their tag division is very solid. But the company also JUST started up. It isn’t as if they aren’t, within even just the next year, going to sign and bring in more talent, to really round that roster out. And they don’t necessarily need former WWE “stars” to do that.