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Rusev removes all WWE references from his social media

Rusev’s social media changes do not bode well for the Bulgarian Brute. The former United States Champion was originally scheduled to fight The Undertaker at Greatest Royal Rumble in a Casket Match. However, that was changed, and now we don’t know exactly what’s going on with Rusev.

The Super Athlete has stopped following the WWE and has removed any and all references of the company from his Twitter and Instagram accounts. WWE also removed “Rusev Day” chants from one of their videos on their YouTube page. The video in question involved the announcement of Paige becoming the next Smackdown Live General Manager.

During the promo she delivered in the video, Paige asked the crowd who they would like to see face Daniel Bryan on that episode of Smackdown, with the crowd emphatically shouting for Rusev before switching to AJ Styles. While the reason probably had to do with making it seem like the crowd originally wanted Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles in a match on Smackdown Live, it still comes at a bad time.

Before his removal from the Casket Match, the Super Athlete sent out this cryptic tweet.

Could this be the end of Rusev Day in the WWE, or is this part of a story for the WWE? This wouldn’t be the first time a superstar removed anything involving WWE from their social media. Recently, when Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were “fired,” they did the same thing.

Lana’s tweet over her husband’s match at Greatest Royal Rumble only adds confusion to the situation.

If this is the end of his WWE career, it’s coming at a strange time. Rusev is extremely over and, while he’s not winning any titles, is selling quite a lot of merchandise through the WWE Shop.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    They are just using this to give Rusev a bigger push. How about letting him win the 50 Man Royal Rumble.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    This could just be a work. I think it could be a “reset” for Rusev, similar to how they handled firing Daniel Bryan only to bring him back at Summerslam. If Rusev is gone, it won’t be for long…

  • V1version2


  • Will Henderson

    i want Rusev out of WWE and in a company that can book him right.

    i want Rusev in a NJPW ring yesterday, i don’t care if he’s in Bullet Club/Elite, Suzuki-Gun or Chaos or by himeself (not Los Ingobernables De Japon as the stable is meant to be a chapter of Los Ingobernables devoted to only Japanese wrestlers).

    Rusev deseves better then being jobbed out and buried by senile old man Vince McMahon and his buck toothed walking pig virus of a man known as Kevin Dunn