RVD Drops ‘Racy’ Matt Riddle Photos Bombshell

Former WWE star Matt Riddle was recently released from WWE. It came upon and that was a big shock. His name was announced a day after the rest of the cuts, which meant his firing was different. It had nothing to do with the planned cuts, because the Original Bro had simply burned all of his chances with WWE.



During the One of the Kind podcast, RVD spoke about Matt Riddle’s WWE release for a bit. He revealed that they hung out at the Playboy mansion a few years ago, and they apparently had quite a time at the Medical Marijuana Policy Project fundraiser.

Reports indicate that RVD recently offered advice to Matt Riddle. RVD recommended that Riddle refrain from sending NSFW photos in order to avoid future issues. Additionally, RVD expressed his confidence that despite his current troubles, Riddle will have another opportunity to succeed in WWE.

“I met Matt Riddle at the Playboy Mansion at a party years ago after the Ultimate Fighter. This was a Medical Marijuana Policy Project fundraiser, which they used to have annually at the Playboy Mansion, and then eventually Hugh quit having parties at the mansion from outsiders and then it just went all downhill after that, but that’s where I had met him so a lot of people think that’s a pretty cool story and he seems to not be able to stay out of trouble.”

“He’ll get another chance I’m sure, but I feel like he got so many chances that they felt like they’re not going to be taken seriously unless some consequences are shown. I think they’ll be temporary and that could be by the Universe, not necessarily by the company, but he’ll definitely go somewhere productive from here and hopefully he’ll quit sending d*ck pics or whatever it is that he’s doing on his off time that gives him so much heat.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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