RVD reveals he trained Ultimate Warrior for return to ring

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The Ultimate Warrior is a WWE Hall Of Famer and he sadly passed away shortly after he made his return to WWE back in 2014. It seems he made a return to professional wrestling long before that as well.



Hannibal TV recently spoke to Rob Van Dam, where RVD revealed that he helped The Ultimate Warrior train for his 2008 return to the squared circle. The match took place in Barcelona, where Warrior beat Orlando Jordan for the NWE World Heavyweight Title in singles competition.

RVD said he met Warrior through a mutual acquaintance and said that he was very easy to work with. Following Warrior’s death, his wife Dana Warrior told RVD how much he stood up for the Ultimate Warrior.

“It was amazing to me when a mutual acquaintance told me that he really respected my work and wanted to come into L.A. He wanted me to train him because he was getting ready to wrestle again for the first time in 10 years. I didn’t know him at all. I had worked one show with him [NWC’s 1995 event at the Silver Nugget Pavilion in Las Vegas] and I was on the undercard. His wife after he died, she told me … ‘You stuck out to him at that show. He always kept watching you after that throughout the years and he’d always tell me when you were doing really good.’ That was so touching to know that. It’s incredible how full circle all the energy in the universe, how it all works.”

RVD is no longer working for any wrestling promotion currently.