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Ryback criticises Nia Jax for her comments


In the latest episode of the Conversation With The Big Guy, former WWE star Ryback talked about Hulk Hogan, Nia Jax and more. Below are some of the highlights from his latest podcast:

Talking about Hulk Hogan, the former WWE Star said that he was a real pleasure to be around and revealed a little story about the time when he was making his WWE return after an injury:

“I can only tell you how he was with me, and he was a real pleasure to be around. Very positive and I remember when I made my comeback there in San Antonio and they brought back the ‘Feed Me More’ Ryback. I was a little nervous for that one, and I remember him saying that I am a machine, brother! It was really cool coming from the Hulkster.”

Speaking of Nia Jax’s recent comments about the Raw creative team, Ryback criticised her stating that it’s too early for her to say something like that:

“Everybody is frustrated there from top to bottom, but she’s been handed a lot early on in my opinion. It’s very early on to make a comment like that, and when I saw that I totally understand it, like, if you are not on TV a couple of weeks is frustrating; but with her character on TV, it’s not like they can just throw her in random.”

Apart from this, Ryback also talked about the recent This is Your Life segment of Raw and more.


  • oppa

    It’s already been said that she was probably told to say that. He should have just left this alone.